I Want to Save My Home!

If you want to save your home, you will want to do a loan modification or refinance. A loan modification is simply an agreement by the mortgage lender to lower your interest rate or make the loan terms more favorable so that payments are more affordable.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.27.48 AMThe first step in completing a loan modification is to call your bank or mortgage lender. Ask them what documents you need to send. Often, you will have to send recent tax returns, bank statements, income statements, and so forth. Make sure you take the time to get everything ready before sending it in. And send the application in on time! Even if you miss their deadline by one day, that might be your only chance!

Have you already tried to talk with your bank about a loan modification and they either will not let you complete one or they denied your application? There is still hope! Oftentimes, LST Properties can negotiate with the bank on your behalf, even AFTER you have already tried, to successfully allow for a loan modification. We can even sometimes negotiate to help wipe out credit card debt! Let US do the work for YOU – call us at 502.230.7777 to enlist our help today – at NO cost.